Beyoncé's diet plan criticized

The diet plan that follows US pop star Beyoncé is "probably dangerous," the UK's nutrition and lifestyle association told the BBC.

People who sign up to receive the 22-day procedure pay $ 14 to get information on the diet based on the vegetarian recipes.

But nutrition expert Daniel O'Shaughnessy says the procedure can lead to "poor nutritional deficiencies"

Beyoncé's fitness and nutrition coordinator, Marco Borges said the singer "recognizes the importance of good nutrition and exercise".

I'm feeling hungry
The original order was created in 2013 but the singer is now campaigning for the food she cooks in her popular Beyoncé's Kitchen, a technique she used to prepare to return to the stage at Coachella Festival in 2018 after giving birth to twins.

The promotional video uploaded to her page on YouTube last month begins by showing her climbing a weightlifting platform while saying that her weight is "like a giant for all women".

The video has been viewed 1.7 million times.

Beyoncé also says that in order to achieve her goals she has to refrain from "bread, starchy foods, sugar, milk, fish meat and alcohol ... and I feel hungry". He followed the procedure for 44 days.

'Vegetarian Bread'

Her order was created by the founder of '22 Days Nutrition', Borges, whom Beyonce recognizes as "a friend, exercise coordinator, and exercise expert and editor of the New York Times".

O'Shaughnessy has questioned the supposed benefits of such a system in nutrition.

For example, one of the "vegetarian bread" recipes containing 36 grams of protein, seemed to contain only 24 grams, he said.

With an empty vegetable drink, topped with nine teaspoons of sugar.

Animal products
The UK health department recommends men eat 2,500 calories a day and 2,000 women - but the procedure contains 1,400 calories.

"This is a bit of a stretch for anyone, users will get bored especially when they add and exercise," Mr O'Shaughnessy added.

Fatty foods, causing infertility
"It may be dangerous for the average person to follow the procedure without a team of nutritionists and fitness trainers like Beyoncé."

Excluding all animal products without any information about what nutritional issues a consumer should consider, such as getting a B12 vitamin supplement, iron or protein, is also a problem O'Shaughnessy said.

'It's easy to be in danger of being tempted'

And stars like Beyonce deserve to encourage women to take pride in their bodies.

"Beyoncé sells dreams," O'Shaughnessy says.

"This is worrying because he has so many young people following him who are in danger of being persuaded.

"He can reach millions of people."

Beyoncé did not respond to calls for comment on these.

In a statement, Borges, said: "Beyoncé used a combination of an empty vegetarian diet and daily practice with great discipline and diligence to achieve her personal goals in preparation for the Coachella Festival ...

"He achieved his goals successfully and successfully appeared and performed 100% at the festival that needed it.

“She continues to recognize the importance of good nutrition and exercise as part of living a healthy and happy life.

"We congratulate him and it is a humbling step for him to be able to tell others about his journey."

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